About Us

Our Mission

To provide all students with the values, skills, and knowledge needed to embark on their life-long journey to success.

The Journey School Mission

Our Vision

Our vision at The Journey School (TJS) is to empower teachers, engage parents, and inspire a community by setting high expectations through technology-supported teaching and learning, implementing high standards, and measuring results.  Our goal is to close the achievement gap for students who attend TJS by raising achievement for all. Engaged parents are key to closing the achievement gap and ensuring every student is meeting expectations. TJS will develop parent leaders within the school community through a parent-teacher organization and the community at large. Every child will gain an appreciation for cultural differences and learn the value of respect, hard work, and character throughout their learning program.

We will implement this vision through a blended learning model, which integrates technology into classrooms creating a flexible space that allows teachers to have more individualized time with students by leveraging a variety of tools to engage them in a personalized learning process.

Our Values

  1. Love – for all, unconditional…
  2. Joy – finding positive energy and excitement in all we do and always being happy
  3. Contentment – peaceful, embracing the greatness inside each one of us
  4. Patience – taking a deep breath and knowing it all will be good in the end
  5. Kindness – helping others before helping ourselves
  6. Goodness – serving others to help make them to be their best
  7. Trustworthiness – always doing what we say we are going to do to help others
  8. Gentleness – never being angry at others, but saying and doing things to help everyone to be calm and at peace
  9. Self-Control – knowing myself and strengthening myself to be the best to help others

Our Director

Michelle Cambrice
Mrs. Michelle Cambrice, Director

Mrs. Michelle Cambrice is The Journey School’s director. Along with other passionate educators, Mrs. Cambrice brought her vision to life by opening The Journey School in 2019.

Mrs. Cambrice, an educator for nearly 25 years, is a school leader who is dedicated and committed to increasing student achievement by creating a school culture that is stimulating, encouraging and supportive to all students. 

She began her career in education at Pilgrim Lutheran School in Minneapolis, where she taught seventh and eighth grade and also served as athletic director for 10 years. She went on to teach religion and history for HOPE Christian High School in Milwaukee, Wis., for two years. Mrs. Cambrice returned to Pilgrim Lutheran School as principal.

Mrs. Cambrice is a graduate of Concordia University, St. Paul, where she received a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Michelle is also a graduate of Dr. Martin Luther College, New Ulm, Minn., where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

Mrs. Cambrice resides in Minneapolis with her family.

Our Staff

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