Our Staff

Our vision at The Journey School (TJS) is to empower teachers, engage parents, and inspire a community by setting high expectations through technology-supported teaching and learning, implementing high standards, and measuring results. Our staff works towards this vision on a daily basis.

m. cambrice

Ms. Michelle Cambrice

Hello, my name is Michelle Cambrice, and I am the Director and ...
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Ms. Shannon Gostchock

Hi, I am Shannon Gostchock, the Executive Assistant and manager of the ...
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Mr. Murkey

Mr. Murkey

Hello! My name is Mr. Murkey and I am the Behavior Intervention ...
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Ms. Sheila Shambley

Hi, my name is Sheila Shambley. I have worked in the Special ...
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ms. mchugh

Ms. Brenna Kyeong McHugh

Dear scholars and families, My name is Brenna Kyeong McHugh (she/her), and ...
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Ms. Terese

Hello all! I am Terese, the Reading Corps tutor ...
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Ms. Danica Cambrice

Hi Everyone, my name is Ms. Danica and I am the Marketing ...
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Mr. Char Yang

Greetings! My name is Mr. Char Yang, and I am the 5th-8th ...
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mr voss

Mr. Voss

Hi, I'm Mr. Voss. I am the 5-8th grade Social Studies and ...
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ms. turner

Ms. Turner

Hi! My name is Ms. Turner. I am the 5th-8th grade ELA ...
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mary byrd

Ms. Mary Byrd

Hello, my name is Mary Byrd. This will be my second year ...
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c melendez

Mr. Christopher Melendez

Dear Journey School family and friends, My name is Christopher Melendez (the ...
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mr tyrell

Mr. Tyrell

Hey, I'm Mr. Tyrell. I will be a teaching assistant for the ...
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Ms. Monica Ramirez-Barrera

Hi, I am Monica Ramirez-Barrera! This will be my second year at ...
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Ms. ndekwe

Ms. Ndekwe

Hi, My name is Ms. Ndekwe. My position at The Journey School ...
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ms olson

Ms. Mathea Olson

Hello, I’m Ms. Olson and this will be my third year teaching ...
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mr AJ

Mr. AJ

Hello Everyone! My name is Mr. AJ, and I am returning for ...
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Ms. Brandt

Hello! My name is Ms. Brandt and I am so excited to ...
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ms sievert

Ms. Marissa Sievert

Hello, my name is Marissa Sievert. I graduated from the University of ...
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ms. BB

Ms. Bate-Boyle

Hello, My name is Ms. Bate-Boyle, but my first graders can call ...
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ms proper

Ms. Proper

Hi everyone! My name is Ms. Proper and I am excited to ...
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Ms. Radford

My name is Ms. Radford, and I am excited to serve TJS ...
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ms. neumann

Ms. Neumann

Hi, I am Ms. Neumann. I am so excited to start as ...
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ms boone

Ms. Boone

My name is Ms. Boone and I’m really excited to teach, learn ...
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mr artez

Mr. Artez

Hello everyone, My name is Mr. Artez. I will be the teaching ...
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Mr. Mike

Hello, my name is Mike. I am excited to be a cook ...
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mr gostchock

Mr. Seth Gostchock

Hey I am Seth Gostchock. I work in the kitchen and this ...
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The Journey School Staff
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