The Journey School’s Reopening Plan

The Minnesota Safe Learning Plan allows schools to open in one of three formats depending on localized COVID-19 cases over 14 days and other operational factors that impact the school’s ability to deliver educational services. Based on recent health data and trends, The Journey School (TJS) plans to open in the hybrid learning format, a model that uses a combination of in-person school learning and learning at home. Every attempt will be made to keep households on the same schedule during hybrid learning. TJS parents/guardians will also have the option to select distance learning for their students. Please know that TJS will continue to evaluate the most current COVID-19 case data for Ramsey county to guide decision making on any learning format changes. TJS may change learning models throughout the school year as a result so please be patient and flexible. No matter what our school environment looks like at the beginning of the year or during the middle of the year, TJS mission remains the same which is to “Provide all students with the values, skills, and knowledge needed to embark on their life-long journey to success.”

In a hybrid learning model, TJS students will select days to attend school in-person Monday-Thursday. The distance learning model will be on Friday. Specific days for each student and family will be determined at the individual family meeting and as TJS balances transportation and classroom needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.