The Journey School District offers free school bus transportation. Contact the school office 612-389-1579 for more information and possible bus routes.  

Bus Status

Please watch emails and texts for updates on bus status.

Student Safe Transport LLC is our bus service. 612-814-9884

Bus Safety

Be careful getting on and off the bus!

  • Students crossing the street after exiting the bus need to wait for the signal from the driver
  • To make sure the driver can see students crossing please stay 10 feet in front of the bus
  • When crossing the street, students should look both ways for passing cars

Bussing Rules

  1. Help keep the bus on schedule by being ready at the bus stop 5 minutes early
  2. Listen to the directions of the driver
  3. Keep your body inside the bus at all times
  4. While riding the bus, do not stand up … remain seated for your safety
  5. Be kind and use appropriate language … no swearing or name calling
  6. Be quiet while on the bus for the driver and other students
  7. Wait until you get to school to eat or drink, not on the bus