Testing Schedule

Testing Schedule for 2022-2023

May 3 – 4  AIMSweb+
Grades K-4: Reading
June 13Data Review & Planning

Testing Schedule for 2023-2024

September 5 – 8Placement Tests
Grades 1-8: Math and Reading
September 12 – 14AIMSweb+
Grades K-4: Reading
September 18 – 22Wida Screening
October 3 – 4NWEA MAP
Grades K-8: Math, Reading and ELA
October 11Data Review & Planning
January 17 – 18AIMSweb+
Grades K-4: Reading
February 6 – 7NWEA MAP
Grades K-8: Math, Reading and ELA
February 21Data Review & Planning
March 5 -8Wida Testing
April 1Standards Completed (3-7)
April 23 – 25  MCAs
Grades 3-8: Math and Reading
Grades 5 & 8: Science
April 26Standards Completed (K-2)
May 1 – 2  AIMSweb+
Grades K-4: Reading
May 15 – 16NWEA MAP
Grades K-8: Math, Reading and ELA
June 12Data Review & Planning

Assessment/Testing Information

LEA TestsState Tests

From the State of Minnesota:

Minnesota’s statewide assessments give teachers, school districts and state education leaders information in context that they can use to make decisions about education.

Assessment/Testing results are shared at:

  • Data Review and Planning Meetings
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Student Lead Conferences
  • School Board Meetings
  • Family Nights

Parents are able to decline their students’ participation in the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments. To have your student not participate, please contact the school office (office@thejourneyschool.org).

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