Dear Journey School Supporter

Now in existence for almost 4 years, The Journey School continues to strive to expand its programs and offerings in the school community. We hope that you will be able to participate in one of our most exciting events, our 2nd annual Gala, which will be celebrated as a Masquerade Ball on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

It is our mission to serve all children looking to be their “unique” best self in a supportive, caring environment. As you know, the past few years have been very challenging, and the needs of students everywhere have never been greater. Our state funding covers the basic budgetary needs, but we believe the students deserve more than just the basics. We want to provide each student with the needed mental health and academic support. We want students to explore their hidden talents in athletics, music, STEM and the arts. We also want to spark students’ curiosity through robotics, technology and field trips. Donations from sponsors like yourself have helped us to create a multimedia class and start an athletic program. Our students have learned to edit photos using Photoshop, navigate green screen software, and express themselves through custom designing clothing to tote bags. We recorded our first athletic win this year- something our students were incredibly proud of accomplishing. We want to continue to provide the purposefulness of being a part of a team and the zeal of competing in sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball and tennis.

Will you partner with us? We are looking for donations such as silent auction items, sponsorships, and monetary support. You can make a difference in the success of the Gala but most importantly, in the lives of the students at The Journey School.

Michelle Cambrice, Director
The Journey School

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